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Linda Reidie

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Where does therapy take place?

The Gaia Centre - A multi therapy centre in Frederick Street, Loughborough LE11 3BH  

www.gaiaholistics.co.uk                              www.google.co.uk/maps  

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you found all you needed to make that important decision to take steps to address the obstacles in your life and improve its quality; everyone deserves quality.

I worked as an occupational therapist for 27 years within the NHS. For the last 10 of those years I helped people with chronic pain and the depression and anxiety that results from it. After retirement in 2015, I intend to continue to make a difference to people’s lives in private practise, using hypnotherapy and the therapeutic skills I have developed in that time.

I recognise what a great responsibility it is to make your experience of hypnotherapy a positive and fruitful one. Therapy is a partnership and you will be trusting me with your issues and problems. It is my responsibility to match and foster that trust, respecting your confidentiality and being in tune with your experiences, so you feel confident in using sessions to overcome your issues.

My aim is always to provide the most up to date and appropriate treatment for you, whatever you would like to address in your life.

Please note I only offer treatment to adults.

Session availability:- Variable weekdays. Early evenings are available if you work as I do not offer weekend sessions. Contact me by telephone or e mail.

I would be happy to answer any questions and discuss how I may be of help. I look forward to hearing from you.

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