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Linda Reidie

Frequently Asked Questions


an able mind is a strong and healthy mind

Hypnotherapy is a professional, psychological therapy recognised by the medical profession. It is a complementary therapy and should not replace appropriate medical treatment of health or psychological conditions.

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In 1999, the British Medical Journal published a review of current medical research on hypnotherapy and relaxation therapies

Vickers & Zollman; Z (1999). "Hypnosis and relaxation therapies". British Medical Journal 319 (7221): 1346–1349

It concluded that:

Session fees - It is important that you feel comfortable with me.



Session rates

HYPNOTHERAPY (I do not currently offer a service for children)

The first session lasts one and a half hours, the first half hour is free. After that half hour you choose whether or not to continue with the full paid consultation. The fee for this and any subsequent hourly session is £55. The first session is a thorough assessment of your issue and does not include hypnosis. An individual package tailored to your needs is then prepared for the first hypnosis session. Hypnotherapy is generally a brief therapy but complicated issues can take longer. A reduced rate for follow up sessions may be negotiated if several sessions are required.

My commitment to you

For some people problems resolve quickly, after one or two treatment sessions, for others a little longer. People may have had their obstacles a long time and time is required to resolve them.

It is not possible at the outset to say how many sessions are required. Be assured of my commitment that you do not waste time or money.