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What problems can be brought to hypnotherapy?

Can you identify with any of these problems and want to change them?

Anxiety - Anxiety can grow and become out of hand ,maybe making some aspects of life difficult such as making and keeping friends or being in constant state of worry about things. Wouldn’t it be useful to look at problems in a different way?

Coping with Life -  Life throws many problems at us or it can just be a little bemusing what path our lives should take. Sometimes just having someone to act as a “sounding board” while looking at choices in life can be very helpful in ensuring you feel you have made the right decisions.

Fears and Phobias - The list is too long to print but we are all aware of the common ones: spiders, fear of flying, heights, water. All can be addressed by hypnotherapy, freeing you from avoiding your phobia trigger.

Low Mood - Hypnotherapy can help you to look at problems in a way that will put them into perspective, decreasing the distress they cause.

Pain and Tension - Tension causes pain and pain causes tension; a vicious circle! Many people find  hypnotherapy a relaxing experience during which self hypnosis and other techniques can be taught to help you manage tension and pain.

Poor Self Esteem and Confidence - This can have many unhelpful effects including making decisions difficult, relationship issues, poor performance in exams or interviews. Hypnosis could strengthen your confidence and esteem improving your success in many areas of life.

Sleeplessness - We all feel better for a good nights sleep. You could learn techniques that promote a better sleep pattern and help you relax into a more restful sleep.

Stopping Smoking - People often try but do not succeed. Identifying the reasons for continuing to smoke and building up resources to deal with them will increase success in becoming a non smoker.

Stress - The lives we live today are fast and furious. Learning how to relax mind and body and refocus on the important aspects of life can help you regain control and quality of life.

Unwanted Habits - Like anxiety or phobias habits are many. Nail biting, hair twiddling, sniffing. Hypnotherapy can target the unconscious where these habits are generated and help you to let go of them.

Weight Management - Another problem that people try to overcome but are frequently unsuccessful with or put weight back on quickly. These are some of the factors why people cannot break free of their weight issue: habit, past experience, lack of will power, poor confidence, stress. Using hypnotherapy to help Identify your core problem will improve your success with weight loss.

These are just some of the problems that can be brought to hypnotherapy. If you cannot identify with these and want to bring your particular issue to a free consultation, I would be very pleased to hear from you.